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January 17, 2008
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BEHOLD!!! one of my biggest personal interactive projects to date! Spent alot of time on and off finishing it. As the "about" section states, this is an ongoing project and is open for anyone who wants to be a part of it. Just send me a message and I'll discuss with you what needs to be done about adding you. although if I get too many requests I may have to limit who gets in :(

slots for new entries are filled up, if you are a watcher of me I'll notify ya when I am ready to do more entries.

featured so far:

to those featured:
take a look at your part and let me know if you want me to edit your part or fix something (I'm already going to be changing the audio for :iconwarmasterscarn:). also as a gift from me to you, I shall eventually be sending each of you an animated icon like your part in this. the size will be 50x50 pixels, but note me if you want a different size. and as an added bonus, each of you will have at least one cameo appearance in my webcomic "Missing the Bandwagon Comics"!

to Deviantart admins:
this piece is strictly for entertainment purposes and is not for profit. the audio used is stated in the credit section in the main menu.

...oh yeah, and the music in the title screen is "Tag Power" from "Advance Wars: Dual Strike"
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vgamemaster666 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008
I definitely want in on this awesomeness. If my bro Winail says it's epic then it must be true. Lo-and-behold it is quite epic.
Keralza Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008
Dude this is totally awesome! I'd love to be in this though your probably full already... Thats my luck but oh well! Anyways *hugs* GREAT job!
Jib228 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
That is the coolest flash I have seen in a long time.

But, I was wondering, if its not to much to ask, if you are adding more people. Could you add me?
bobochob Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
add meh yes?????
10-Q Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
I cannot lie.
So, I cannot say that this is epic.

It is BEYOND epic.
xlegendarylinkx Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
Nice!! I love this!!
Fucking... amazing.... D: You are winrar!
HereticSeraphim Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
I have to say, it's awesome. A few things, though, the part with me (dunno about the others) seems to hang a second before the loop starts over. Also, why in God's name would you use SLIPKNOT?! They're horrible.
Zoolon Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
I thought the snip-it I used worked :(
and for the audio break, it's a little hard to get the audio to stop at the exact time I want it before it loops.
Angelclown Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
Hrm, I'm interested....I'll see...^^
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